On 26th December 2004 an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occured under the sea bed of the Indian Ocean near Indonesia.

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Tsunami - Eyewitness

The devastation caused by the Tsunami was different from an earthquake. At least after an earthquake you are able recover some of your belongings from underneath the rubble.

If you imagine standing in an average single storey building with the usual furniture and belongings. Suddenly, a large torrent of water comes in, removes the four walls and takes away everything including your family. The only thing you are left with is the concrete floor you are standing on and some rubble consisting of a few bricks and roof tiles.

A lot of classrooms were destroyed in this way. At one school I went to they found the students desks one kilometre away. In Galle district alone forty five schools were damaged, five completely destroyed and five head teachers have lost their lives. They are still working out how many students and teachers survived the disaster.

Bhasker Solanki